software for the analysis of false discovery rates in high-throughput screening experiments

SmartTail offers a novel approach to high-throughput testing, providing accurate and efficient estimates of false discovery rates and related quantities. SmartTail uses Extreme Value Statistics as a powerful tool for the analysis of tails of the distribution of p-values from high-throughput screening experiments. Among other features, SmartTail suggests techniques to correct theoretical p-values and compare different pre-processing methods.

SmartTail GUI Prototype

Installation instructions follow.

Selected Operating System:

  1. Download and install the WIN32 MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR): MCR Installer v7.14.

  2. Download the SmartTail Application and Datasets for the analysis.

  3. Locate SmartTail on your hard drive using Windows Explorer and launch directly by double-clicking.

If you have questions - please contact Dmitrii Zholud at

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